Pretty in Pink

Pink with Attitude Pretty in Pink

I found and purchased all of these items from stores in Calgary. Pink crop printed sweater from Azul Couture, black Marie Saint Pierre tank from Blu’s, purple denim pants from Leo, gold Fluevog shoes from Fluevog, pink glasses from Brass Monocle and black/burgundy leather jacket from Danier. At the items that are the foundation for all fashion from She Apparel. I love to find really interesting pieces around town that I can add to my collection and the experience in the stores and the knowledge of the staff makes it really enjoyable. I then find a way to put my spin and my personality into them. At Leo it was suggested that I wear the jeans with a cuff rolled up to show the 2 tones of the purple. Well, that seemed crazy to a 5’11” tall woman who has struggled her whole life to find high quality pants that are long enough (36″ inseam please) and has never endeavoured to shorten pants; unless they drag on the ground, then please go to see a tailor immediately (these ones are the right length for me). Well, I have given it a try and do enjoy the look. That does not mean that I want designers and retailers to stop stocking or creating items that will fit me. I love fashion and I love the ability to participate in the latest trend but I do not appreciate being forced to pretend that a pant fits by adding an ankle boot or a tall boot. It is fun to have options. Thanks Leo for providing a fun time in your store. I enjoyed the experience in your store. You have great staff who really knew their stock and can tell you about the stories behind it.

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