What is Style?

I have been considering this question quite a bit lately and have read a few books in which others have considered this same question. I have enjoyed the inspiration that I have found within those pages. Style is not about copying the latest trends or copying somebody else because style is not transferable. The people that I think have the best style are not the ones wearing items that I covet but rather the ones wearing items that they know work for them. They convey their story and their personality. Those people know the palette that they enjoy, they know the silhouettes that work for them. Style is about knowing what you like and why you like it. You may like a particular trend and therefore incorporate it into your style but style does not participate in every trend just because it’s a trend. Style is the way you say it, the way your do it, the way you live it, it can be an appearance or an attitude. Fashion can provide you with the tools to convey your style but without knowing your own style the fashion can be superficial. I think that defining your own style can be fun. What a great opportunity to convey yourself to the world on your terms and to tell your story.

What I love about my style is that it is mine. My style makes me happy and that happiness makes my style and me beautiful.

2014-12-06 Christmas Party2014-11-24 Mustard Knit Duster2014-11-25 Gold Pants

My husband’s style makes me happy because he tells his story loud and clear and that’s part of his story. He’s amazing and he shares that with the world.

2014-12-06 Scott Christmas Party2014-11-24 Scott dress shirt and vest

I recently shopped with a friend and when she came out of the dressing room her style made her sparkle from head to toe. What a great experience to be a part of!

Not one of these 3 styles are the same and yet all of them work so well. Don’tcha just love individuality?


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