I Have Nothing to Wear

How many of us have stared into a closet full of options and said “I have nothing to wear”? I know I have; and I am lucky enough to have an extensive closet in which everything fits me and is in good repair. As soon as the thought of having nothing to wear enters my mind then an entire conversation begins in my head. It goes something like this:

“Well, you do have lots to wear. What is the real problem?”

“I don’t know what I FEEL like today.”


“I have so many things to do today I don’t know what is going to work at all of the different places.”


“I keep wearing everything the same way and it is boring.”

Okay, once I have these many possible scenarios run through my mind of why I think I have nothing to wear then I have to find a starting point. Sometimes it’s a pair of shoes, a piece of jewelry or a hat that starts the process. Other times it’s a colour that I want to set the tone. Even other times I figure out if I feel like looking funky or classy or businessy. I always ask myself what one thing is attracting me that day. Whatever motivation I find I go with it. There are no rules about where you have to start an outfit, you just have to find something that makes you want to start. Knowing that everything in my closet works with everything else in my closet helps me in my process. I know what my colour story is (and no that is not the same thing as having your colours done in the ’80s for those who remember that), I know what fits work on me and I know what things I am comfortable in all day. What a load off my mind that is, I just have to find that starting point and then I can conquer the getting dressed challenge. Until the next time my brain laments “I have nothing to wear.”
2015-04-06 Denim Stack

2015-04-06 Jackets

2015-04-06 Scarves

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