One New Item Lots of Different Outfits

I like new things as much as the next person and I love to shop. Something new makes me feel freshened up and current. However, I do not have endless supplies of money (if I did my house renovation would be finished, but I digress). So when I add a new piece to my wardrobe I do so with an eye to the multitude of outfits that I can create with what already exists in my closet. This new plaid t-shirt is a great example of this. I knew I was interested in the plaid trend but I had to ensure that the piece that I chose had some longevity to it, both in quality and in a classic style that could stay in my wardrobe for a long while. I also wanted something that I could dress up or dress down; something that would also work in multiple seasons. When I found this piece from oui at Azul Couture, I knew I had a winner. It has blue, black and white (all neutrals) and red (my favourite colour so it practically works as a neutral in my wardrobe). I have pulled a number of other items out of my existing wardrobe as an example of the many things that I can do with this one new piece. Let’s have a look at the outfits that I can create.

Challenge yourself to create multiple outfits from just one piece. It can be an item that is already in your wardrobe that you are in the habit of only wearing one way or it can be a great new piece that you just knew would be in your closet for a long time that made you feel new and current.
2015-04-06 One Shirt Choices 2

2015-04-06 Plaid Outfit 5

2015-04-06 Plaid Outfit 4

2015-04-06 Plaid Outfit 3

2015-04-06 Plaid Outfit 2

2015-04-06 Plaid Outfit 1

2015-03-21 Plaid Shirt 1 3

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