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I attended the Sustainable Style YYC event this year. So much more food for thought. Nicole Bridger of Nicole Bridger Design (NBD) was the keynote speaker that night and I was able to meet her in person the following afternoon at Studio Intent for her trunk show. Nicole has an amazing energy that comes across when she speaks to a group or one on one. I always believe that you can infuse your energy into anything you create and what a better place to infuse positive energy than into items that we use every day. This dress and kimono are two of NBD’s pieces, they are beautiful and if you have the chance to learn the story behind the photography on the kimono then you can feel the intention behind them even more.
2015-04-16 Nicole Bridger

I was also able to meet Aleem of Bano Eemee at this event. What a warm individual. I learned that when he met Chantal of Studio Intent, she asked him how he did his tanning and dying. Once asked that question Aleem went to find out more about these processes, he now uses a vegetable tanning process and low impact dyes. I love seeing the collaboration that runs in both directions – from designer to retailer to end user and back again. Isn’t that an empowering way to envision industry?
2015-04-15 Bano Eemee

2015-04-15 Bano Eemee 3

2015-04-15 Bano Eemee 2

A few days after attending this event, I took a trip to Edmonton to be measured for custom shoes at Simons by Poppy Barley. This is yet another example of a company that wanted to show that there was a better way to operate in the world of fashion. They did a great amount of research into where to locate their manufacturing facility and settled on a location in Mexico. They believe in transparency and their website tells you all about their manufacturing. Poppy Barley is also one of the companies that works with Berg and Betts to allow them to upcycle their waste leather into watches and necklaces.
2015-04-18 Poppy Barley Measurement

What an exciting time in fashion, be a part of the Fashion Revolution. By asking questions and being more informed we convey to producers that we want to see a change and we can be a part of that change.

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