Interview Appropriate and Yourself

I recently was invited to a job interview. Interviews have never frightened me. The people doing the interviewing have to sell me on their organization just as I have to sell them on myself. Since we are both making a decision then there is no good reason to be nervous. I also trust in my knowledge and ability to do the work that they are asking to be done. I really wanted to ensure when I went to this interview that I felt like myself and that I was still appropriately styled for an office environment. Now I know how to look corporate, I have done that for years but I really wanted to reflect where I am at right now in my life and be a little less corporate. I put together this outfit and felt very happy, comfortable, stylish and most importantly myself. I was offered the position but I chose to turn it down, it’s not quite where I want to be at this point in my life. I then wanted to style the same jacket in a more traditional corporate look. I always like to stretch myself when it comes to using wardrobe pieces in more than one way.

For your next interview make sure that you feel like yourself, it will give you confidence and remind you that you have the abilities for the position. Go ahead and nail the interview and take the job if you want it.

2015-06-02 Interview White Jacket

2015-06-02 Interview White Bracelet

2015-06-02 Interview White Booties

2015-06-02 Interview Black Jacket

2015-06-02 Interview Black Bracelet

2015-06-02 Interivew Black Shoes

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