Stampede and PARKSALE2015

Stampede is fast approaching and I wanted to provide a little inspiration. I picked up a few new pieces this weekend at PARKSALE2015 from Alora Boutique and Anne B. Accessories. What a beautiful day to be in the park shopping for local products from designers that you can meet face to face and support. I love bold items like the statement necklace from Alora and the resin bracelet from Anne B. Accessories. I really enjoy talking with the people behind the products; you can give them feedback and learn the things that they love to do. After my conversation I am very excited to see what is coming along from Alora. I decided to pull a few items from my existing wardrobe that will make me Stampede ready and stylish (there’s nothing worse than seeing style go out the window for 10 days a year).

2015-06-29 Fluevog Western

2015-06-29 Fluevog Western style shoe

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