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I should start with letting you in on the secret that I love to shop! There, I have admitted it. I especially love to shop at small local boutiques and salons. I enjoy getting to know the owners and the staff, and learning their stories. Shopping in local boutiques and salons you are treated to amazing customer service, the staff remembers you and the things that you are interested in. They can let you know when something you would be interested in has arrived in the store or if there is a service that may address a concern that you have. I think one thing that I do try to remember is that in order to receive good customer service you need to be a good customer. By that I mean, treating the staff with respect and recognizing the expertise that they possess and are sharing with you. Here are some of my favourite places to shop in Calgary.

2015-05-23 Azul

Azul Couture is probably my favourite place to find women’s wear. They have a wonderful selection of designers and a great denim bar. The staff is very easy going and really knows their stock so they can help you find whatever you are looking for from work to casual. I love the setting in this old house just off 17th Ave SW, the street and the interior feels relaxing. There is no pressure and lots of encouragement to try on as many things as you would like.

2015-05-21 Strands

Strands Hair has two locations and I have been to both. The owner, Rupy, is so energetic and positive; she is wonderful to be around. I deal mostly with her sister Pam, who has such a calm caring presence that it makes my appointments very pleasant. Dana takes great care of my short hair, which grows rather quickly so I am there every 6 weeks. Fran handles the front desk in the downtown location and always knows when she can fit you in and who will be able to help you. Rocky handles the same task at the Canyon Meadows location with just as much ease.

2015-06-05 Fusion Sushi

I hesitate to tell you about my favourite sushi restaurant in Kensington Fusion Sushi, because I like to ensure that I can always get a table. It is a small space with a fantastic chef, friendly skilled staff and such quality ingredients that my mouth waters to think about it. This is the restaurant that I would choose to go to above all others.

2015-06-30 Formans PRPS Roof

I also love to shop with my husband and the best location for amazing men’s fashion and customer service is Formans Menswear. I still mourn over the fact that they stopped carrying women’s clothes but I still get to go there with my husband. We have been so lucky over the years to get to know Simone, Sadru, Tania, Ben, Jewel-Ann and Din. This is a place that is so relaxing and you can have fun while finding just the right outfit for whatever occasion you need. This picture was taken on their rooftop patio at their most recent PRPS event, what an amazing setting.


The Brass Monocle has the best selection of eyewear in the city, in my opinion. Then their staff sends them over the top. They are happy to work with you to find what will make you look and feel your best. I have definitely tested this out with my 13 pairs from them. I don’t think that I have ever seen as well as I do now with their products. I recently had to move into progressive lenses and was quite concerned as I had heard horror stories from friends. I sat down with Carla, she explained to me the lenses and all of the different options. I picked up my first pair and never had any problems at all. I felt confident knowing that I had made the best choice for me.

Thank you to all of these places that make my life easier by being there and for sharing your knowledge and joy for what you do. You offer great products, services and amazing people to help me.

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