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What inspires and informs your style doesn’t have to be clothing items. I love to ask people to show me something that they love and have them tell me what they see in that item. From there I can interpret what clothing and style will speak to them. Here is a piece of tile that definitely speaks to me. I used this tile in the kitchen in our condo which we have sold; and will use it again as we now renovate the kitchen in our house.

2015-07-24 Kitchen Tile Inspiration

You can see the inspiration of this tile reflected in the glasses that I choose

2015-08-11 Glasses

…and the necklaces and bracelets

2015-08-11 Necklaces and Bracelets

…and the scarves.

2015-08-11 Scarves

I am very attracted to items that have a red element, pattern that shines and moves and yet with classic cuts for longevity. Find what item inspires you, speaks to you and makes you happy. Then trust that inspiration as you reflect it in your personal style. What inspires you?

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