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I recently had the chance to put myself in the hands of a professional photographer. I am lucky enough to call Nayla a friend and when I found out that she had embarked on a new career path I was very excited for her. What a joy she is to work with. I always feel a bit awkward but Nayla has such an ease and calm about her that you just relax in her presence. I really wanted these photos to reflect who I am and be a bit urban and edgy. Nayla got that. She had preplanned various locations and once she saw each of my outfits she matched them with the locations. I was so thrilled with how well she captured me both with the pictures and the settings. There are so many things that Nayla is aware of while the session is going on; cars passing by that will cause a reflection or shadow, pedestrians traversing the area, lighting, and I’m sure many more things that I don’t know need to be thought about. I was so comfortable in the locations that were chosen that I just knew the photos would come out perfectly and they did. You can see many of them on my website and here a few more to enjoy.

Nayla’s true joy is to capture families and of course that includes their beloved pets. She has such great instincts for working with children and pets; and capturing their real essence. She and her husband have 5 amazing children and 3 dogs that they share their home and their hearts with. I have seen them with their extended family and it is beautiful. It is a lovely experience that you are in for when you contact Nayla Chamoun Photography. Thank you Nayla for spending the time with me and for what you produced!


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