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My husband, Scott, and I are renovating our whole home. Scott is an IT consultant who enjoys the opportunity to do physical labour. As we renovate he has decided to take on the demolition and landscaping tasks. This has been wonderful on many levels, saving money and knowing that things are being done correctly. This has also worked as a very effective weight loss technique, which has caused him to shrink out of yet another round of clothes. Scott’s style is bold and confident but always with a classic cut. He and I enjoy shopping together and find quite a mix of pieces. I have pulled a few additional pieces from his wardrobe that still fit him for use in the pictures below; but I have mostly used the items that we are now selling as they could not be tailored to fit.

Let’s start with a look that is a good Christmas party outfit and then see how many different looks we can create. Instead of pulling out the same suit why not go comfortable in a 5 pocket Alberto pant with an “inside-out” looking Van Gils jacket and an Etro shirt? Add your favourite belt and some shiny shoes and you are set.

2015-11-04 Boss Van Gils Etro Up

2015-11-04 Van Gils Etro Above

Or pair these same pants and shirt with a Dolce & Gabana jacket. The detailing on this jacket is beautiful.

2015-11-04 Dolce Etro Above

Or a Diesel vest for a more casual Christmas party look.

2015-11-04 Boss Diesel Etro Up

The same pants and shirt again but dressed casually with a Boss leather jacket, your favourite sneakers and a casual belt to extend your wardrobe.

2015-11-04 Boss Leather Etro

That Etro shirt can have another look for Christmas with a pair of Merlot coloured AG jeans and a great detailed Baldessarini jacket.

2015-11-04 AG Baldesorrini Etro

A little dressier with another pair of 5 pocket Alberto pants, a shiny red shoe, simple black t-shirt and the look is stunning and comfortable.

2015-11-04 Alberto Baldesorini Down

Those Alberto pants pair so comfortably with your favourite black t-shirt, hoodie and sneakers for beers with friends or date night.

2015-11-04 Alberto Casual Hoodie

Add a Stones vest overtop for a little more interest.

2015-11-04 Stones Vest Above

Remember the great detailed Boss leather jacket, well it has such a cool vibe with a Robert Graham shirt and a pair of Genetic Denim jeans.

2015-11-04 Genetic Boss Leather Graham Close

Want something a little edgier for the club, switch out the leather for one of these Gsus jackets.

2015-11-04 Genetic Gsus 2 Graham

2015-11-04 Genetic Gsus Graham Close

Also available is a vest from Cirque du Soleil with great detailing.

2015-11-30 Cirque Vest

And a pair of Citizens of Humanity brown cords.

2015-11-30 Citizens cords

Finally, there’s always a need for a great 3-piece black Strellson suit. Use the pieces together as a suit or separately to stretch your wardrobe.

2015-11-30 Strellson Suit Jacket

2015-11-30 Strellson Suit Vest

2015-11-30 Strellson Suit Pants

2015-11-30 Strellson Suit Detail

Well, that was fun and I feel like I have only scratched the surface of what can be done by mixing and matching these few pieces.

Here is a list of the items that are for sale:
AG 5-pocket merlot denim pant, Waist size 31, $20
Alberto 5-pocket plaid casual dress pant, Waist size 33, $20 – SOLD
Alberto 5-pocket silver casual pant, Waist size 34, $20
Baldessarini black embroidered blazer, size European 50, $120
Boss Hugo Boss Orange Label brown leather outwear jacket, size US42R (European 52), $250 – SOLD
Cirque du Soleil two-tone grey vest, size large, $10 – SOLD
Citizens of Humanity 5-pocket light brown corduroy pants, Waist size 31, $20 – SOLD
Diesel black/grey vest, size XL, $15 – SOLD
Dolce & Gabbana black textured blazer, size European 54, $200 – SOLD
gsus sindustries navy/grey/orange patterned blazer, size large, $70
gsus sindustries orange blazer, size large, $80 – SOLD
Stones green vest, size US40 (European 50), $10
Etro blue paisley cotton shirt, size 38, $45
Genetic Denim 5-pocket blue denim pants, Waist size 32, $20
Robert Graham blue patterned cotton shirt, size small, $80
Strellson black-on-black striped 3-piece suit, size European 46, $250 – SOLD
Van Gils “inside out” navy/grey blazer, size US40R (European 50), $200 – SOLD

All remaining items have now be taken to SalvEdge Consignment 1222 – 8 Street SW Calgary.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items or would like my help to review and style your existing wardrobe, you can contact me through this website. Items can also be viewed through Kijiji.

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