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I am all about style that makes me feel confident. Depending on where I am going I wear different things that make me feel confident in that environment. Trends don’t really make me feel confident because if a trend doesn’t resonate with me then I don’t feel authentic when I am wearing it. I have been able to meet and learn about a number of different local artists and I have to admit that knowing their story and wearing their items feels really good. What better way to feel confident than to feel good about the items that you are choosing?

I actually enjoy going to interviews; I know that I have the skills to do the job. I love getting dressed for interviews, what I choose makes me feel powerful and capable. The bracelets were purchased at Studio Intent. They have lots of amazing pieces that they can tell you the story about and you can feel good about wearing.

2016-01-25 Navy Suit

Denim is one of my favourite things, I haven’t met too many denim items that I didn’t love and need to have. It is probably the item that I go to the most in my wardrobe and I love pairing it with unexpected items. The necklace is from Cat’s Eye Jewelry. Linda is an awesome photographer (not sure if she knows how good) and she translates the beauty she sees around her into jewelry. You can feel connected to the items that she creates. The shawl is from Elizabeth Ellis Weaving Wearable Art. Elizabeth’s eye for colours and how to combine them, and knowing what a piece of hand-woven fabric is meant to be, is amazing. When you interact with her and she drapes you in one of her items those two experiences combine to make you feel your most beautiful.

2016-01-25 Striped Sweater WA Blue Shawl

2016-01-25 Striped Sweater

Dining out is such a relaxing event. I enjoy cooking and take care of the preparation of food at home. When it’s time to go to dinner and let somebody else do the preparations then I want to wear something that makes me feel good and that I can just enjoy my evening in. More creations by Linda and Elizabeth. I don’t know what I would do without having met these ladies. Oh and I finally found the fringe that spoke to me!

2016-01-25 Purple Grey Skirt WA Fringe

2016-01-25 WA Fringe

Ooh and colour, it just makes me happy and I think we all look our best when we are happy. The mismatched earrings and necklace again from the mind of Linda, I would wear these two things every day because they so accurately reflect who I am. The leather jacket is from Bano Eemee. Aleem who is the brilliant designer behind these leather items is such a lovely person. He listens to feedback and is genuinely interested in you and how his pieces work for you. This dress is from Azul Couture. This is the place to get great pieces, that stand the test of time and quality. You can truly reflect who you are in the collections that they bring in.

2016-01-25 Striped Dress Bano Eemee Green

We should all have confident style that is reflected in different ways depending on what we are doing. I would love to see and hear about your confident style.

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    I Love the pattern of that dress!

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