An Evening of Style, Food and Wine

Have you had the pleasure of meeting local artists and learning why they create the art that they do? I have and I find it helps me to enjoy the pieces that they create even more. I also really love to support local, so win/win. I have met a number of artists that create wearable art. As you can imagine that’s right up my alley. As I visit with them at various markets I hear customers say things like: “I love what you create but it’s so special that I don’t know when I would wear it.” That makes me sad as I would hope that we know that every day can be a special day where we get to fully enjoy the things that bring us joy. I think every day that we are able to leave the house can be viewed as special. My husband recently had to undergo what turned out to be minor surgery. But discovering what the problem was puts all kinds of dire thoughts into your mind. Anything like this certainly reminds you to appreciate that “specialness” of every day.

I have this ability to look at these “special” artists’ items in a different way. I see the way that you can wear them to special occasions but also to the office and casually.

From both of these thought processes I had an idea for sharing with people; the artists, their pieces and how to use them. I spoke to Cheryl Dyck of MSI Action Group and her daughter Chelsea Dyck of Nebula Jewellery and Textiles. Chelsea is an artist of wearable art and Cheryl has lots of contacts and ideas of how to get things done. In short order we put together a fashion show where we get to feature 4 local artists of wearable art. Now this isn’t like most fashion shows. I also wanted women to know that this can work for them in their own closets. I have volunteer models who are real people with real careers, and I am utilizing the items in their own closets. We are choosing one piece from each of the 4 artists and showing you how to use it for dressing up, going to work and casually. I had so much fun working with these women and getting to play with these artists’ pieces. I can’t wait for you to see them. The event is Monday December 12, 2016 at the Fine Diner Bistro in Inglewood from 5-9pm. It includes food, wine and a $5 donation from each ticket sold goes to One Body Village Canada. It will be a great evening to relax and enjoy during the holiday season. You must pre-purchase your tickets through Eventbrite.

Those artists that I have been lucky enough to meet will also be at the event so you will have the pleasure of meeting them as well. They are a warm, fun loving and generous group. Let me give you a few sneak peaks at the items that we will be featuring, the artists and the outfits. Just a little tease.

This cape from Elizabeth Ellis Weaving. It is so beautiful and makes you feel amazingly beautiful in it.


I know, so fancy whatever will I do with it. A few sneak peaks.




A little “heavy” metal from Nebula Jewellery and Textiles will turn heads and yes you can enjoy it every day.




Who doesn’t love a little sparkle and shine at this time of the year from Cat’s Eye Jewelry Design, and yes you can wear it beyond the holiday season.


And now that the weather has decided to settle into winter a little felted wool from GEMinate Creations.





I look forward to meeting you there.

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