“I have always struggled and been embarrassed about my weight. I never wanted to tell anyone what size clothing I wear or that I could not find leather boots to fit over my calves. I felt comfortable talking with Beverley because she looked past my size and got to know who I truly am. She took the time to search for leather boots that would not only work for a wide calf but also look good. Even after locating the boots she was willing to come with me to try them on. Through her dedication and expertise, she found leather boots that I absolutely love. The boots are perfect and I couldn’t believe how easy Beverley made the process for me. I normally hate shopping because I find it frustrating but Beverley made it enjoyable and I so appreciate the help that she provided.”
Monica S.

“I am someone who generally knows what I like when it comes to fashion and can piece things together really easily. Meeting with Beverley however really gave me a fresh perspective on how to work with the pieces I do have and make them new once again, let go of pieces I just don’t use anymore and great suggestions on other pieces I could add to really enhance what I already have in my wardrobe. Beverley really takes the time to get to know who you are and what you like, providing expert fashion advice tailored to your individuality. Her unique service I guarantee will add the extra spark of confidence to your step and really make you feel great about who you are expressed through your personal style!”
Melannie M.

“Beverley Young truly is the Wardrobe Whisperer. She came to my closet to help me find 3 outfits for her modelling event. Before she arrived, I had been feeling that I needed to go shopping and buy some new clothes as I didn’t have much to wear. Beverley is a miracle worker. Not only did she find 3 outfits I felt good for the event, she spent extra time giving me more great ideas. When she left, I felt like I had a whole new wardrobe. I can’t wait for her to come back and have her work her magic. If you are feeling like you have nothing to wear, or just want to lift up your wardrobe, give Beverley a call and let her work her magic for you.”
Nola P.

“I wore a new outfit and my husband’s first reaction was “Wow!”.  And then an acquaintance says “You look great!” and I had actually gained weight since the last time we met.  These are the comments I am getting after working with Bev Young to help me coordinate my wardrobe.  We purchased a few jackets and then Bev helped me mix, match and accessorize with my old stuff.  She took the time to understand my style and preferences before jumping into things.  Thanks, Bev, for making me look and feel fabulous!”
Nicki C-P.